About Me

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Hello blog readers,

           My name is Tsvetina Tsekova. I’m Bulgarian fashion blogger based in Sofia / Bulgaria and I finished  LAW school “UNWE” – Bulgaria. Master of Law.
For some time, I try to create beauty and style and to relay them to you. My blog is a palette of life in which you can find everything you are interested. I looking for the uniqueness in each point of our daily lives and inspired to combine and create something different. The most important thing is to love what you do and to be yourself. I hope my blog to be your go-to resource for everything beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and more!
I love to live healthily and I think a healthy lifestyle is the key to beauty and good looking, not starvation. The secret of healthy body hides also in the sports and movements. My way to keep in shape is the dance. Dancing is a good exercise and a fun way to keep fit.
Another part of my life is YOGA. The yoga wields our bodies, control our mind. The meditation means to reach the liberation. The yoga helps my mind, my spirit and my body.
Other my passion is the FASHION, i.e. The Style. The most important quality, which has one person, is a style. We know very well so everybody can buy clothes, but not everybody can wear them.The person must have an individual and real seeing of his body and must wear the right clothes.I want to show you my unique vision of Bulgarian street style.
Another important thing in the fashion is the MAKE-UP for your face. I prefer the classy, simple and clean style. I’m a fan for a little, but the qualitative makeup. The first very important thing is the brand of our cosmetics; the second is the natural look, after all.
I’m a life lover, and so happy to share with you my opinions. I also love traveling, nature, the book’s and my hobby’s Photography. I hope so each of you to find something interesting in my blog and enjoy it.
I look forward to making new friends here, and getting to know all of you better!
Good Luck.