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Even though trends have evolved over time, diamonds are still the classic and elegant stone for engagement rings. With that in mind, how do you ensure that you’re buying a top-quality diamond engagement ring? Research your options carefully, paying close attention to the centre diamond, any side stones, and the metal band.

Request an actual grading report. You can analyse some of the finer details through a diamond grading report or certificate, starting with checking that it was filled out by organizations, such as the GIA or AGS. They will be able to fill out and analyse the 4 C’s in-depth because an un-trained eye can’t tell the difference between a .96 carat diamond and a 1.03 diamond but the .96 diamond is cheaper because it’s not a perfect 1 carat size. In addition, it’s difficult to see any blemishes or marks with the human eye. You need a strong microscope for that so that’s what certified gemmologists are for.

Learn the 4 C’s-cut, clarity, colour, and carat size, and how they impact the quality of your diamond. The cut is the most important part of a diamond, especially on the traditional round brilliant. The cut affects the brilliance and fire of a diamond, and if the facets aren’t done right, the diamond doesn’t look as shiny, and it often looks lacklustre instead. Since you can’t see imperfections without a magnifying glass, gemmologist measures clarity and marks if they if they have very slight imperfections or slight imperfections and so on. Many engaged couples desire a near colourless diamond and aim to buy one in the F-H colour range, as it’s a bit more affordable than the perfectly white D diamond.

Find a jeweller. You don’t necessarily need to shop at a retailer like Tiffany and Co, whose rings are often inflated because of the mere name but you don’t want to buy the important jewellery in a shopping mall either. Therefore, select a reputable jeweller to view rings with exquisite design. Choose one that hand-craft all of their own designs and uses not only white diamonds, but other coloured diamonds such as pink argyle diamonds.

Make sure your side stones coordinate with your centre stone. This means that they have the same type of cut, colour, and clarity so that you can’t see any difference. This is easier when you get your ring custom-made so you can arrange for your stones to be set adjacent so they don’t appear mismatched or uneven.

Check that that metal band is high quality as well. Ideally, look for rings at least 18k gold because they are 75% pure gold and 25% additional alloys. Depending on if you prefer saturated gold shades or a shiny silvery finish, opt for either yellow or white gold. For a pure-white finish, consider looking at rings with the lustrous platinum finish. Once you’ve decided on a finish, visit to view their collection of engagement rings.

Are you ready to find a high-quality engagement ring or do you want to work with a jewellery designer and custom order one? That way, you can choose the finest white or pink argyle diamonds to express your undying love.

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