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Hi guys,

I’m happy to share with you my Inspiring Blogger Award, I was nominated by beauty blogger from Welcome to my makeup mémoire! Big  THANK YOU  beautiful lady, I feel proud!

and now The Rules ( I copy by her :P):

1. Create a blog post in which you thank and link the kind person who has nominated you!
2. Share seven random, fun facts about yourself. Or not so random, or not so fun. As long as it’s a fact, you’re cool.
3. Nominate seven other bloggers, and let them know they’ve been nominated.
4. Display the award logo on your blog post, and follow the person who has nominated you.

7 random facts about me:

1. Most of all I love my family! It’s everything for me!!! I have a sis, she is amazing person and my best friend! I’m so proud of her. I have also the soul mate of my life and the cutest puppy in the world. This is the greatest happiness of the world!!! Isn’t it?

2.  Like every woman, I am a shopaholic… My closet is full, so there are many items which I can’t spot and also those which are still labeled. But can’t stop ..

3.  I’m addicted to perfumes. Every year when I go to vacation or excursion I buy one. One of my favorites brand is Roberto Cavalli. This is the only brand of which I have three fragrances.I love expensive and quality cosmetic. Still this is my face… I don’t want to look like a mummy some day.

4. The first thing I notice in a person are the teeth. I think there are very important part of our body and we should care more about them. By the way my father is dentist,I have this partiality since when i was a little girl.

5. I live healthy and I prefer to cook my food. I’m not an excellent, but I’m a good chef :))

6. I train almost every day.. I do yoga or dancing. I love to put weights on my legs and I do lifting for the arms.

7. I have to share more info about me, but I will stop with one of my big passion in my life.. And this is travelling. I adore to travel. All around the world have so many beautiful places and I want to visit all of them.. I hope  my next destination to be LA, so I will visit my beautiful sis :))


xx cvety

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