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Hello guys,

I join to a Blog Writing Tour. I was invited by Purva from Planet Beauties  to share my writing process by answering 4 questions. At the end of the post, I’m going to nominate 3 bloggers.

Thank you so much Purva to made me a part of this tour, I really appreciated it!

And the first question is:

1. What am I working on?

I have too much ideas and I really don’t know with what I start. For blogging at the moment I give privilege to the fashion. This year I have traveled a lot, thus I can show you many exciting places and variety of outfits. I want to develop my blog and to open an online store. At second place I want to share the way I’m keeping my body in shape and many different food recipes. I hope won’t bore you.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Everyone in the world is unique and has their place on the Earth, it means that every fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger is different from the other and has own audience.  Therefore I have different style, opinions, vision from the others in this genre. I have other dreams and I hope to realize them some day. I want to say now that I always repeat that fashion is my passion, but this is not so true…I’m always telling that anybody can buy clothes, but not everyone can dress up!!! I don’t follow fashion, I create my own fashion who is suitable and good looking for my body.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Why? I must think about that…
At first place I want to show my viewpoint of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I start blogging suddenly, believe me or not one day I decided to share my photos with people who really appreciate them. I love what I do.
At second place  I have big dreams for me and my blog, so I believe someday that will be rewarded.

4. How does your writing process work?

Now I have a lot of free time and many pics who waiting to be posted. I’ll have another trip a few days and more new ideas. I’m new in blogging, but love that I achieved so far.
I usually shoot my photos at first and then I write my posts. I’m not writing a lot , because I don’t want to be boring to my readers. Pics are speaking for themselves.
At this moment I have more than 10 posts which are waiting to be published, but I think there should be a few days between publications. Normally I spend two or three hours for one post, depends on number of the pics.

That’s it in few words for my writing process.

And my nominations are:

Beautiful Deborah from She lives in Minnesota and is super cute. Check out her blog.

The excellent blogger Cara from cara’s cliche. She have really good taste for clothes and she is great inspiration.

And amazing beauty blogger from  Welcome to my makeup mémoire. Check out her blog, nice make up tutorials and tips.

With love.

xx cvety

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