Share on Tumblr As promised I will tell you a bit more about the towns that I visited last week. I start with Sandanski, I am very impressed by this town, clean, tidy and well maintained. Ideal to relax in...
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Italian Inspiration

 Share on Tumblr Hello fellas, a few days I preparing this post as I tried to do the most interesting for you. Together with an awesome person, we came a great idea to do a new rubric on the blog,...
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Macadamia Products

 Share on Tumblr Today I drew attention to the products Macadamia, I can say that this is one of my favorite cosmetic brands. I have used almost all products as a shampoo I’ve been back 4-5 times, also the oil...
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The Lemon Detox Diet

 Share on Tumblr Hello, I’m glad you were interested in the idea of writing about healthy lifestyle and diets. Today I will present you a very popular diet or detox with lemon juice and maple syrup. This diet is very...
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 Share on Tumblr Today I publish a quick post, because I have no time to prepare longer. I had an amazing weekend with my boy, we visited several beautiful Bulgarian towns, as our main objective was the town of Sandanski,...
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How to Give your Bedroom a Royal Treatment

 Share on Tumblr Hello fellas, today will pay attention to the bedroom home decor. We can understand the character of the man not only from keeping his appearance, but from how take care of his home, must look clean and...
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“I Think In Black”

 Share on Tumblr As said one unique designer “I think in black”- Gareth Pugh. I notice that lately I bet on black. Increasingly I put this color without even do it consciously, be it because I think that is stylish...
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SNB Goodies

 Share on Tumblr Hello folks, my post today is a mix between beauty and fashion. For me, posts with a review of nail polish only are a little boring , because I don’t think what could be said only for...
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 Share on Tumblr It took some time, but I had a lot to do, so there’s a little black dress from New Year’s eve :)) A great gift from my sis. For a long time I wanted to take such...
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Like a Snowflake

 Share on Tumblr Hello folks, I’m not a big fan of the winter or a snow. But I love Christmas and New Year with snow, snow holidays feel more cozy. Since there was no snow this Christmas, a few days...
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A month with Realash

 Share on Tumblr I begin with two photos from previous post for Realash – Eyelash Enhancer, read more about the product and see photos here: The second picture is of my lashes before I started using this product. Започвам...
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Faux Leather Skirt + Crop

 Share on Tumblr Christmas in Bulgaria was very warm and sunny, so I decided to put on a new skirt that is super stylish and modern at the time, the high waist skirts allows you to combine them with a...
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