Avon Against Breast Cancer

 Здравейте, вчера се проведе походът на Avon срещу рака на гърдата. Една невероятна кауза, която се състои всяка година. Мотото на кампанията е ” Да помагаш е окриляващо” и да, наистина е. Много добри хора се събраха да помогнат на жени с...
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Health Benefits of Coconut

 Hello,folks,  for a long time I had written something for a healthy lifestyle and since I love coconut, I decided to do some photos and share its benefits. It is very popular not only in cooking, but also in cosmetics. Known as...
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Esprit Fashion event

Esprit Closing Event

 Hello folks, today I will share with you the end of an incredible experience. Esprit closing event inspired by the friendship ended on 16 April. Already one of the teams got clothes for the whole season. For 4 consecutive Saturdays,...
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Something Different

 Hello, today I write about the change. To me, always comes suddenly and spontaneously. I love to experiment with colors and lengths of my hair. One day I want super long hair, and the next day I want short
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H&M Conscious Exclusive

 Hello, yesterday I attended a presentation of the new collection of H&M Conscious Exclusive. Very good organization of the event. The new collection is represented by Olivia Wilde and is truly unique. It dominates silk, lyocell and linen. Clothes are extremely...
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Half Bun

 Hello, folks, since I’m already with a new haircut, but this post is standing and waiting to be published, I decided that it was its time. Unfortunately, this day the weather was not very nice, but nevertheless I had a celebration and...
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Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter! Many of you, folks, already celebrated this bright holiday. For us it occurs today :)) I wish you to be healthy and positive. Some pictures of my eggs below :))) Beautiful holiday!  Честит Великден! Много от вас, приятели, вече...
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 I decided, after the last post to share my outfit from Esprit event. For it I bet on all black look (my favorite). As I mentioned in the previous post, French fashion imposes strict and elegant appearance of male fashion at the lady’s...
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French Casual by Esprit

 Hello, folks :)) on Saturday I was a part of an incredible event by Esprit – French Casual. You can see one of the previous events on Denim Blues here. First I want to say it was very pleasant and fun....
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In white

 Hello, folks,  today’s outfit is white with pastel shades of pink. I like all white looks rather for a warm weather, so here I decided to combine with other colors. That top is clean and simple, pale pink, which in turn is perfectly...
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Esprit and cvetybaby

Create your French Casual Outfit

 Bonjour, today’s topic is French casual by Esprit. French street style is popular with its simple and clear visions that look very chic. As we know, Paris is one of the capitals of the fashion and many fashion trends originate...
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Je danse avec le vent, la pluie…

 Hello, since it was a rainy weekend, I decided to take a photo shoot. For quite some time I wanted to shoot with an umbrella and behold, that currently occur :)) For the outfit will only say that it is...
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