Aperture and shutter speed (Бленда и скорост на заснемане)

Written by Cvety Baby

I will show you two of my pictures –  with bigger shutter speed and with smaller.

Ще ви покажа две от моите снимки –  с по-голяма скорост на заснемане и с по-малка.



Shutter Speed Typical Examples
1 – 30+ seconds Specialty night and low-light photos on a tripod
2 – 1/2 second To add a silky look to flowing water
Landscape photos on a tripod for enhanced depth of field
1/2 to 1/30 second To add motion blur to the background of a moving subject
Carefully taken hand-held photos with stabilization
1/50 – 1/100 second Typical hand-held photos without substantial zoom
1/250 – 1/500 second To freeze everyday sports/action subject movement
Hand-held photos with substantial zoom (telephoto lens)
1/1000 – 1/4000 second  To freeze extremely fast, up-close subject motion


These are my photos: (Това са моите снимки:)

1. Smaller shutter speed

1. По-малка скорост на заснемане


2. With bigger.

2. С по-голяма.


Nikon D3100

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